April 2019 Freebies…


Hello 🙂 Cant believe April is nearly over and May starts tomorrow. Shocking how quick the year is going so far. I don’t like the start of may this year! I turn 30 next week!!!

So here my round up of freebies this month. Not much as I’ve really been trying to get my blog noticed and getting it out in the world.

This months freebiessss…..


I won a football from the “be the 12th” football game coco-cola was running I think it has finished now. Was really trying to win Olly a football top he has really into football at the moment how long it will last I don’t know . I got 2 free craft boxes, there was a code on o2 app, I thought I would chance getting 2 and it worked. Ended now though but it you are o2 you can download the app. There is some pretty good freebies, offers and comps on there too. The magazine I have no idea, they have finally stopped coming now. Peas where from a link that was shared in a freebie group, they are growing really well I will upload a photo on my social media later. Socks where a free trail from the company you just had to cancel when you got the first ones, they where massive on my feet and then I realised they where men’s so DaddyOverload has them.

First Birchbox For £5

Game was free to review, haven’t had time to play this yet been so busy. Childs farm was gifted to me from the company I have to use it and review probably in the next couple of weeks. Boots testing panel I got sent some soap, its really good soap, don’t think the panel is open to new member at the moment, ive been with them for years now.  I won a competition from a local hairdressers I chose the 4 colour cut and blow dry, I love my hair has been a while since I got my hair done at a salon took over 3 hours. My cool top free from monthly tee I did have to pay £1.99 postage but its so cute has a little baby dead pool sitting in a pocket.

I got some free coffee from Tryit but I didn’t request it, still got it so I gave it to one of my good friends, as she likes coffee and had a machine you needed. I got some paint markers too which are pretty good, you can find out more here Acrylic Paint Pens with Reversible Tip..

Got my comp win from the Disney JR Facebook tea party they have every Tuesday, if you read my freebies last month than you will know what time talking about but ill quickly tell you now. Every Tuesday Disney JR UK have a tea party on there Facebook page, you can win prizes ive been playing nearly every Tuesday for 18months and won twice, you should check it out. I also got some peel off nail varnish from an ad on Instagram. Pretty colour 🙂 and does peel off easy even if your daughter puts it on her face lol…

Mindful monster cards are a product test from mumsnet.com have had time to use them yet but going to sit down with the kids, this week and have a look at them and do the activitys on them. Will write my review up in a few weeks when we have had a really good go at them. Got some dry skin cream from free4you which is another product testing site, they run comps too. Free heart poster from British heart foundation, Olly is happy about, my dad passed away 6 years ago from a heart attack. Olly likes to learn about the heart too think it makes him feel closer to his grandad to be honest as he was only small when he passed. Got some Clarins freebies to but I really cant remember how I applied for these. £40 new look gift card from a complaint I made about I product I brought and it broke twice. I ended up getting 2 tops, some jeans and some belts too. £10 vouchers too from making a compliment about a company’s products.

Had a good day last week with Tryit (currently closed to new members) have 3 new make up products coming, I cant wait to try them. Ones a foundation and coming just in time as my other one is running low. Will update more when I get them and try them out.

That’s all for April 🙂 hope everyone had a good May and a better may 🙂

Much Love Lizxx