My Ultimate Guide To Comping.

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Entering competition’s is quite easy, it isn’t one of them “it’s easy when you know how” there are many different ways to enter. You can enter online or offline. Here is a few tips I’ve learnt over the years.. Enjoy reading

I started comping back when I was young my first ever win was when I was about 12 after that it became a very handy hobby. I’ve won vouchers, holidays, clothes, toys and little prizes. It can be time-consuming if you want to enter loads a day, I usually enter when I see them and sometimes when everyone’s at school or work, I find it easier.

Many people ask me if it’s a waste of time, no it isn’t but if you think it is then just don’t enter them. I started comping because it was fun and I love the feeling I get when I win a comp 😂 it’s so exciting. I don’t win all the time that’s fine. I do it to help my family out and it’s a way to save money.

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You can find competitions everywhere there are so many sites online that you can enter them for free. Don’t need to call the 0845 numbers at £10 a minute.

Social media is good for comps. Many companies do weekly Comps as does little business I love entering these and sometimes I even buy off them as handmade items I love. Facebook Instagram and twitter. I find having a public profile on Instagram and twitter help as they ask you to re gram or re tweet and they like to see this. Facebook you don’t have to have a public profile I do and I don’t. I just share what I want it be public. There are many groups on Facebook you can share Comps too as well if you don’t want to share everything to your profile. There’s a link to my group here Is Freebies Hunting & Comping Worth It?..

You don’t just have to enter social media Comps there are so many online I use a website called competition database and there are other bloggers who run Comps they can be found there or on the bloggers social media platforms, simple Web forms too. Simple Web forms are just where you enter your name and email address to the form and that’s all sometimes they are good I’ve won a few things from them entries over the years. Just be careful though as scammers do like to set up pages just to get likes etc and to get all your details so please be careful. If a company as you to add your bank details in for a comp Don’t 🚫

Magazines are good for them too, I won a holiday with pickme up magazine back the day. You can find them in all different ones. I stick ones from magazines like pickme up, real people, chat etc. I do a lot of kids magazines Comps to. Olly always says look mummy you could win this 🤣🤦‍♀️


Theres so much out there that you can win I try to post stuff on my page and in my group you can find the links around my blog. You can also follow my twitter I still comp on there too and retweet some so they will pop up on your feed. If you #win #giveaway #competition on most social media then your sure to find all different Comps.

You can also check out these pages for Comps too 💖 competition database, MSE forums, Loquax, Prizefinder. UKMum.tv


I’ve always had a different email address to my personal one that I do check all the time but I just hate so much newsletters and junk going to my personal one not that you always get it but some Comps you enter they like you to sign up to their mail list. Check what you’re entering to for example if it’s a comp for a holiday then make sure you would be able to go if you was to win just little things like that you don’t want to win something then not be able go. Some company’s like you to collect the item so I never enter them. If they don’t have it in there T&C’s but still want you to collect then bring it up and say it doesn’t state in your T&C’s about collection. Sometimes I use autofill to fill in the comp forms but do read before you do as some say please do not autofill.

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I have some other blogs that I’ve don’t to help you see what emails are spam, how to freebie hunt and product testing

Freebie Hunting Tips…

Product Testing UK

Hope this helps you 😊😊 Thanks for reading.

Much Love Lizxx 💖


2 thoughts on “My Ultimate Guide To Comping.

  1. I love the idea of entering competitions but then the annoyance of a million e-mails and daft calls puts me off entirely. The tip of getting a different e-mail address is a good one, but it would be great if there was a way to bypass the phone number too.

    Going to be checking out your product testing post later on, that’s something I’m definitely up for knowing more about! 🙂

    Davis | http://www.everythingstartswithtea.co.uk

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