Half-Terms Nearly Over


Cant believe Easter half term is nearly over, I thought when it started that it wouldn’t be a very good 2 weeks, with Olly & Matilda always arguing and moaning. Oh how wrong was I, have to say its been a pretty good 2 weeks and I’m quite sad to see them going back to school next week 😦 and feeling quite sad while I’m sitting here surrounded by piles of washing that I really should put away and keep putting it off… yeah I do that in a minute but never gets done just piles up even more till someone moans, plus I’m watching Thor as I’m writing too…. LOVE Chris Hemsworth *yummy*

Back to this week, has been a busy but good week, we had our roof fixed leaked in our bedroom badly for about 6months only on my side I sleep though so had to move all the bedroom around again and its all finally back to normal. plumbing got fixed to which is good. We didn’t go out much this week but had fun. Did quite a lot of painting with paint pens which was loads of fun, you can find out more about the paint pens in this post Acrylic Paint Pens with Reversible Tip..

Matilda’s Pictures She Did With Paint Pen’s

Today was a really good day and we didn’t have to tell the kids off once which is really good they usually fighting quite a lot, Matilda’s the fighter she loves to wind Olly up more than anything lol. We went out this afternoon as the weather where we are is so nice and hot. We just thought that we might just pop to the park for a little bit and take the football with us (which I won lol) we where out for about 2.5hours ended up going to 2 different parks and taking a walk down to my MIL house so take a lovely walk back.

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There was an accident was Matilda this time, she’s ok now. They wanted daddy to push them on the roundabout and Matilda wasn’t holding on, daddy push and she came tumbling off and double up and rolled over. She cried and hurt her bottom but 2 minute’s later she was back on the roundabout lol. She is 100% fine. Olly also had an accident last week at the same park and is now fine you can find out what happened here Easter Half-Term Week 1

Went to the other park which isn’t far from where we already where but its a bit smaller than the first one but we all still had a fab time. No accidents there just Matilda grumping as she didn’t want to go for a walk as she wanted to played so I made her a daisy chain head band, she was fine after that.

Matilda with her daisy headband on, my whole world in one photo and me lol I took this picture of me because I went out without a cardigan on, which is a big deal for me. If you don’t know I suffer from Anxiety quite a bit can be really bad at time’s. I’m set in my weird ways to so people who know me personally will also see me with my coat, cardigan or a jumper on kind of keeps my anxiety at bay in my own way, I was so proud of myself for not taking it with me that I had to take a picture to always remember I know I can leave it at home and I can cope with out it. I will more than likely go into detail soon when I’m ready to go there but I’m happy with people know about my mental health and how it makes me, me 💖

Thank you for reading. Hope you enjoyed it as much I as did writing it x

Much Love Lizxx

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