BodyRae V-Fit Online Coaching

BodyRae V-Fit Online Coaching With Danielle Faid!

Danielle LogoWant to get fit but haven’t got the time to go to the gym?… Want to get fit in the comfort of your own home?… Well I might just have the perfect thing you are looking for. Ditch that gym membership and join BodyRae V-fit

BodyRae V-Fit Online Coaching With Danielle Faid, is the perfect thing you need. It’s an online training to help busy women and mummy’s all around. For a monthly fee this Online training program will provide you with 8 different live workout including resistance training, HIIT, Tabatha, Abs & yoga.


You will be added to a private Facebook group with like-minded women with unlimited support from a personal trainer. Danielle is a fantastic personal trainer and has achieved so many fabulous results with all the clients that she has and has had. She is very confident in what she does and you wouldn’t find a better online coach from your own home 🙂


Here is some of Danielle’s reviews from here online training course. She has her own Instagram and facebook page (add links at the bottom of this blog) you can also contact her through her pages to if you would like more information and how to join.

With Danielle she will give you the best support through your whole journey and help you as much as she can. If you want to lose weight or just want to get fit, shy or not shy, confident or not. It doesn’t matter you do it from your own home.


Check out these amazing results. All Danielle clients she has worked with off and online just wow. Well done ladies 🙂

Please go and check her out and for more information on how to join visit her pages and drop her a message 🙂

Instagram BodyRae Fitness Instagram

Facebook BodyRae Fitness Facebook

Hope you all join to her online coaching 🙂

Much Love Lizxx

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