Easter Half-Term Week 1

Half-Term So Far….

How’s everyone’s Easter half term going so far?… mines not bad, have had a bit of a bad one this week, I suffer from anxiety and it went a bit crazy this week I like to let things build up then blow up…. Anyway we have had quite a week.

Monday we didn’t really do much just sat at home watching movies taken in the day of not doing school run. Tuesday we went to town and brought some unicorn dough nuts lol I had to go a claim my competition win. I won a with a local hairdressers and got to choose from 4 packages I chose the hair dye one. Really need my hair doing by a professional. DaddyOverload usually dye my hair bet your thinking really?… yeah he’s pretty good at doing it better than me lol.

Wednesday we got carpet laid in our bedroom finally. Been in our place 18months and just had our bedroom to do. We got a nice dark grey colour goes with our bedroom which is pink, white and grey. Love it.


All we need now is to get a new bedframe, curtains and a new white unit. As the unit we have now is oak and looks really odd lol. Then I will have my room just how I like it. I say my room because I’m in their way more than DaddyOverload we don’t really watch the same programmes.

Thursday went to the park with our friends and then went back to theirs for a little while they only live over the road. Kids had loads of fun at the park was there for a good hour. All was going well till Olly decided he wants to kiss the climbing frame. Wacked his front tooth on the pole and bleed all over me didn’t have a choice no one seemed to have a tissue on them. I usually always carry and pack on me but the day I don’t pick any up because I think I wont need them I do, always the way. Little while after that it was like it never happened seems ok today but couldn’t get him into the dentist but spoke to him on the phone and I have to take him in there if it gets really bad but it hasn’t thank god keeping my fingers crossed though as its Olly and he is the one that always hurts himself but that’s for another day.



Today we baked….brownies.. why does nothing ever go to plan in your head. First time I’ve even done brownies. I must tell you that I’m not very good at baking sometimes. Flapjacks I’m good at better than DaddyOverload… I’m very proud of that lol. They are very nice I’m quite happy with them but they look like they have been beaten up haha but they haven’t.


Matilda likes to wear her PJs a lot if she hasn’t got to go out. She got out the shower and I told her to get dressed and I came out the shower and she had them on. I don’t care I love PJs too…

Weekend we don’t have anything planned DaddyOverload is off I think, he hasn’t said anything about working. Monday my mum is coming up for the day so won’t be around in the day.

Hope you all have a fab weekend and enjoy the 2week of half-term this is when the count down begins lol.

Much Love Lizxx

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