Birchbox April 2019

April 2019 Birchbox


Aprils 2019 Birchbox came the other day sorry taken me a day to write my review haven’t had the best of times this week but I’m back now 🙂

I love this box quite colourful and it isn’t like the other with the little draw. It completely opens up and has what I though was a mirror but its to blurry to see anything. Would of made the box perfect if it was an actual mirror.


I’m not sure on this box this month after few others boxes I’ve had this seems a bit lower than the others. In this box I got, Diamond Eye brighten and de-puff your eyes. Estate Dew Me Highlighter. Benefit porefessional sample. Nuit polaire revitalizing cream. Human and kind body soufflé. INC.redible jelly lipstick (got free for referring a friend).

Will try these out and review each item on their own so look out for the blog post over the next couple of weeks.

Diamond Eye, brighten & de puff eyes. Well I really hope that this does work, after the week I’ve had and hardly sleeping I need this lol. It says it instantly hydrating and cooling eye pads made with real diamond powder. Meant to help with tired eyes. Well there’s always hope haha.

Nuit Polaire revitalizing cream, apparently if you use this night after night then its meant to make you look younger, recharged and smooth. Smells really nice. I also find the more its smells nice the more I want to use it. I had a cream once smelt so nice I wanted to east it haha. You don’t really want to use a cream on your face that smells horrible. So far so good with this one. Just hope it works haha….


Human & Kind. 2in1 Body soufflé. Its moisturising cream. I goggle soufflé because I thought that’s some kind of cake lol saw on it GBBO lol. I was right it is a cake but also cream for your body so ill roll with that. Smells bit like watermelon mixed with grapes only way I can really say. Its says it’s all natural and then underneath it says something else but its done in white writing and so small I don’t know what it says and I don’t have a magnifying glass to hand.. don’t even think I own one but I still can’t work out what it says even with my glasses on.

INC.rebible jelly shot. This isn’t part of this month glossy someone joined using my link from here (Thank you) and I got this free. it’s a lip quencher hydratant instense pour levres. The one I have is _it was only a kiss. I will try it out see what it does plus its enhanced with avocado oil guess that’s good.


Benefit The Porefessional, I’ve had a sample before I only ever used it once maybe twice they are such small samples you can’t really try them out all that well. Says it targets pores,fine lines and make up meltdown, don’t get me wrong helps your make up stay on but like I said would be better if the samples where just a little bit bigger. One sneeze and it’s all gone.

Estate dew me baked highlighter powder. I love a good highlighter at the moment my fave is a lord and berry highlighter I got in last month’s box with Birchbox. Always up for trying different ones thought. This month you had a choice of what highlighter you could choose I didn’t I just clicked surprise me. I got the one I wanted though 🙂



Each month with Birchbox you do get to choose one of your items which I think is good.

Fancy trying out Birchbox?… get your first box for £5 ://www.birchbox.co.uk/invite/mummyoverload

I will use all items and get back to you all in a week or so 🙂

Have a lovely Friday and enjoy your weekend

Much Love Lizxx