Huawei Y7 2018 Review

MummyOverload’s Huawei Review


Few weeks ago I got a lovely email saying that they had seen my website and wanted me to review a mobile phone for them which was the Huawei y7 I was like yeah I’ll do that for you. Couldn’t have come at a better time to be honest, my HTC was slowly giving up everyday life. Had a cracked screen which I done about 2 years ago playing the ground is lava lol and never got it fixed then it would restart itself, reboot the whole phone, send messages to people and ring people.

I was so excited to finally be getting to try a different phone I also got to keep it too which I’m mega happy about and very thankful. Took me a while to get used to it as it so different from my other phone. Amazing screen so bright and clear, also came with a screen protector on it which is great after my the ground is lava experience.


Has a lovely blue back which I was happy that it just wasn’t plan back. The camera is really good a make the picture so clear, also found out that I couldn’t do on my old phone is filter images, if I wanted to filter my images I would have had to use Instagram to find what one I wanted and I can splash which the kids and me have had loads of fun with.

Lots of memory on it, great to have so many apps that I can use without the phone dyeing with 10mintues of using the app. My cash back apps are now on the phone and not on the tablet. I can use all different apps to help me with my blog when I’m out and about and not have to wait till I get home to use my laptop or the tablet.


The phone is great and I’m so glad I got to review this a to try it out. Best phone I’ve had in a very long time. Better than a HTC and they seem to break or give up everyday life after a couple of years. If you ever wanted to buy a Huawei then I would don’t hold back. When I buy stuff I do read the reviews but I like to find most things out for myself and I looked this up before I got it to see what the reviews where like most where good and then there wasn’t a good one. After using this phone for nearly a month that dude that wrote that review god knows what phone he brought.

So that’s my little review that I needed to do. Thanks for reading question please contact me via the contact form 🙂

Much Love Lizxx