Happy Easter Half-Term

Easter Half-Term


Hello 🙂 happy half term…some are you are reading this either thinking yes half term no school run for a while but also dreading the next 2 weeks too…. or are thinking omg its half term I get to spend full 2weeks with my wonderful kids haha….. I’m in the middle lol…. Day 1 as this morning I’ve already shouted at the kids twice because Olly has no volume button and is sooooo loud at 7am, likes to have elephant feet and just not use his ears to listen…. Matilda just copy’s and thinks everything is funny as she thinks “well if Olly can do it so can I” then doesn’t like it when she gets into trouble…. #youngestchildproblems haha

I do have quite a lot planned this half term.  Today we are doing nothing currently watching Incredibles 2 for the second time not a bad movie to be honest. Tomorrow I have to go to the hair dresser as I won a local comp and need to go and claim my prize then we are going dinosaur hunting….have to go around our town and shops to find the dinosaurs and fill in a form. Sounds fun to a 7-year-old that loves dinosaurs. Wednesday we are getting our bedroom carpet laid and my mummy is coming over some time this half term too….

So my plans for the next 3 days we will be adding crafts, baking and some other stuff I have planed think there’s an easter egg hunt somewhere near us which im going to have a look at….

Don’t forget just check out local places near you see what’s going on… if you don’t have a lot of money sure there are lots of free stuff to do around you too…

Hopefully we all wont end up totally crazy rocking in a corner somewhere lol.

Happy Half-Term

Much Love Lizxx