GlossyBox April 2019…

April 2019 GlossyBox



Started to get glossybox again and I’m love this box. It’s so pretty. There was 2 boxes this month fruity or floral editons. In the fruity box you will get 5 lusciously scented products quite happy with mine 🙂 I collect the boxes because I can’t bare to bin them I have 2 normal pink boxes, the pride edition and now the floral edition.


In this months box there’s quite a few good things. Jeanne Arthes let your dreams blossom eau de parfum. The floral design is really pretty on the bottle and it matches the design of the box which is great. Was my daughter that noticed they match not me lol. This is a full size bottle and RRP at £20.99 great price for a great perfume. It floral smells reminds me of spring/summer time. You know when you watch a movie and you see the women in the pretty floral summer dress running through the long grassed field smelling a bunch of random flowers (hope you like my vivid picture lol) I image that is what it smells like haha.


Soaper Duper body butters. There was 2 fruity green tuberose and zingy ginger. I got the fruity one and its a full size massive tub RRP is £10. It smells really fruity and I cant wait to try this out. Don’t worry I will review fully once I have tried this. It good though has no parabens, colours, mineral oil or any other usual suspects.

Dr Botanicals deluxe mini pomegranate superfood regenerating sleeping mask. I’ve heard this is great and I cant wait to try this out. Never even tried a sleeping mask never even thought about it to be honest and ever since I’ve been blogging and reviewing, I’ve read so much on this product. Will do a full review when I used it for a while 🙂 This one is 30ml and retails at £14 and full size 50ml is £19 must be worth it for these prices.

Dr PawPaw, amazing brand I’ve tried a few things from these over the years nothing in a while though. This is a full size hot pink balm. You can apply to your lips for a glossy finish or apply to your cheeks for a fresh and rosy look. This retails at £6.95.


Original Source Shower gel. When I opened the box I though oh I wont be able to use this last time I got a box it have shower init that my skin doesn’t like but I’m so happy with this one. It’s raspberry & rose-water hydrating water infusions. I have loads of shower gels, bubble bath and soaps now to last me the rest of my life haha. Smells really nice like a monster energy drink lol. Retails around £2.30 depends on what store you buy from.

Palmer’s natural fusions chia seed & argan oil hair mask. I love hair masks I currently haven’t got one as run out and just can’t be bothered to go out into with the kids just to get some haha so this has come just at the right time. Its a deluxe mini at 30ml will let you know what its like once I have tried it. Deluxe retails at £1.99 full size £2.99


So this is march box and a very good box if you ask me. You can get a month by month box for £10 a month plus p&p or a  12 month  contract for £8.50 a month (paid monthly) Fancy a try?… get 20% of your first box by clicking this link…

Much Love Lizxx

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