Freebie Hunting Tips…


Guide To Freebie Hunting


Hello…. there is so many ways to get freebies but there is always something out there that is too good to be true. Usually the ones that say get this free iPhone xs by clicking this link.. Don’t it’s usually 100% a scam. I’ve never been scammed from a freebie thank god and I really hope I never do. I’ve been doing this a very long time must have started when I was 13-14 so a very long time.

Here is a few tips and a little guide to help you what to look out for I will even upload some pictures of things that you need to look out for….

Company Websites/Social media 

Some company’s giveaway free samples on their websites some do it very often, some once in a blue moon but sometimes they go quite quick. They Usually send an email if they have samples going or you just lucky to find out if someone posts in a freebie group. Quite a lot of company’s post ad on there Facebook or other social media sites. I find a lot of Facebook and sometimes on Instagram now, they can come up on your news feed as a sponsored ad or a sopost ad.  Sometimes they don’t always show up on your feed so its best to just like the page if you haven’t already and wait for it to pop up on your newsfeed, they either can come up straight away or they may take a while but its always good to keep an eye out. If your on Instagram sometimes they can pop up there not always as clear as they are on Facebook, I have claimed a few on Instagram.

Product Testing/ Spam Emails 

Again you can get many different freebie from product testing. There is so many out there, see my latest blog post to find my favourite sites Product Testing UK but there is some out there that I don’t like to use as they give you so many surveys to fill out and then spam your junk mail like a crazy women. I hate that bugs the hell out of me and that’s when you start to get the FREE IPHONE emails and CONGRATULATIONS YOU WON £1000000000000 haha. I get these sometimes and I never open them just trash then straight away but they like a bad penny and keep coming back.

2019-04-05This is a spam email trying to get you to click the link and I’ve just noticed its an iPhone won haha never click on these as they just want all your details and most of them ask you to enter bank details. If you win a competition or apply for a freebie you should never give or enter your bank details. PLEASE never do that… I have noticed so many going around like PayPal, bitcoin, hoovers etc.


I have seen over the past few weeks people apply for rebates…. if your unsure what a rebate is then its a company that is willing to give you a free item like headphones, cooking items etc then they will send you information… here’s an example I’ve had lately

There was a company on Facebook offering a free jar opener you had to inbox them to claim so I inboxed them I thought ooo that’s good I hate opening them jars such a weak person haha… a few days later I got a reply asking me to send them my amazon link. Now usually you need to have an amazon account and this is how they work so you send that and they always say it’s better to have a prime account so that you get free delivery and then they don’t have to rebate you for the delivery charge. You then send all the information they want and then they say great thanks here is what you need to do

  • Buy the item online at amazon look for this ……. then buy then item….
  • When you have brought the item leave feedback
  • Send us proof of your feedback
  • We then want proof of your feedback so you then send a screen shot 
  • They will either rebate you via paypal or amazon credit

I don’t have anything wrong with this I personally don’t do it all because amazon are really cracking down on this as it goes against there t&c’s I have seen someone on one of the freebie groups say that got caught doing this and they are really lucky they still have their amazon account but can no longer leave feedback for items they have brought. So it’s totally up you if you wish to do this..


medium_Competition_time_with_confettiI love competitions, everything about them is fab. There are many ways to enter competitions, online and offline. Most of them can be found on Facebook, Instagram and twitter. Many websites online are for comps. I used a website called competition database, there is a few more like loquax, prize finer and MSE too. I won quite a few through competition database and many through Facebook. My biggest win so far was in October 2018, I won with smyths toy super store it was a teenage mutant ninja turtle comp and Olly got to go to London spend a lovely day and night in London (we went with his daddy) and did an unboxing video with Perri from diversity and won loads of goodies Olly’s Youtube Video

If you do comp and think ooooh I never win, its a bit like freebies its just the luck of the draw. I don’t win everyday and sometimes I might not one of few a weeks but its fun and I love doing it. Keeping go and lucky fairy’s to everyone.

When your comping on Facebook and a page asks you to share its best always to share public so that the page can see that you have shared. If you don’t like posting to your timeline their are many comping groups on Facebook that you can share too. Just looking for competitions groups on Facebook I have one you can use here. I post quite a lot of my comps in there and so do other member’s, your welcome to join and share Twitter they usually like you to retweet so best to have a public profile on there. Instagram they sometimes like you to re gram there post either on your timeline or in your story just make sure you follow the rules and tag them or # if they ask you, again best to have your profile public so they can see their tag. They are the only social media platforms I used. Magazine’s are also pretty good with comps, real people, chat, pick me up etc always have comps running you can either apply online or post your entry to them.

I hope this blog has helped you out a little with freebie hunting and a few other things 🙂 I will leave a comment box at the bottom of this just in case 🙂

Happy Freebie hunting and comping. Be safe online.

Much Love Lizxx



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