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Thought I would recap on some product testing 🙂 Quite a lot you can sign up for but some are currently closed and only open every few months and don’t stay open for long. Took me nearly a year to get onto Tryit Sampling but finally got on it start of March… anyway lol here are some sites to sign up too…

Clicks Research: I’ve done a few with these and seem quite a lot of people have some of these. They do all different stuff hair care body care, chocolates. If you have children you can add them too. My Boy had had a product to test and loved it…

Alba Science: These do all different things too from shampoo to baby wipes. I also think they do sleep tests from what I’ve seen from other people. http://www.albavolunteers.com/

Savvy Circle: I love these, they are part of supersavvyme (which is great for coupons) I’ve done a few test with these my latest is the Olay Whips Cream sign up for chance to test some amazing products https://circle.supersavvyme.co.uk/uk/login

Home Tester Club: I’ve never done a test with these yet I apply for them and review products on there site but never got a test but there is still hope lol https://www.hometesterclub.com/uk/en/

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MumsNet: They have a few testing going every now and then. I’ve applied for a few but only just got my first one which was the Kinder vouchers… https://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/mumsnet_product_tests

TRND: Test are all sorts of things from cat food to men’s shaving… they are a good testing site https://www.trnd.com/uk/

TryIt Sampling: These are pretty hard to get on to like I said above took me what seemed like forever to get on. They have a Facebook page but it is the USA site but like and follow anyway as its a USA company that runs the site. If the list becomes open sometimes they post a ad on Facebook that’s how I applied at finally managed to get it but you can just book mark https://uk.tryitsampling.com/

The Insiders UK: These are good too ive done a good few with theses over the years from baking to sparkling water…. they do loads, have one that’s come on today if you have a baby between 6-12months then you should apply you have till 6.5.19 to apply

My tip is to always answer the questions that are asked some ask for your social media links so they can see your followers or they ask how many friends/followers you have. Some ask if you have a blog is doesn’t matter if you don’t you can still apply. Always review good and tell that what you think it’s ok not to like the product you have tested there is many that I’ve tested and haven’t liked. If you need any tips you can always message me and ask for help 🙂 just use the contact form on here and I will get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

So these are all my fav ones. Happy testing and good luck 🙂

Much Love Lizxx





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