Hello :) ….. March 2019 Freebie’s

Hello 🙂

I’m really sorry I’ve been so quite, I was really poorly last week but feeling a lot better 🙂

So here is my round-up of freebies this month I have done a few blog posts on some freebies I have got this month but as always I do my monthly one. Will also be doing my little newsletter tomorrow hopefully get it done while the kids are at school.

Havent done all bad this month have a quite a few freebies and applied for quite a few product testing but not heard back from them yet. There is one I’m really excited about if you follow my Instagram then you will see I post earlier about the Tonie boxes they were looking for product testes on TRND a few weeks ago and I managed to apply hopefully we will find out in the next few weeks of we got in I would love to test this out and so would the kids.


So this month I got some Dr botanicals Moroccan rose superfood facial oil from there review club. Only used it a few times as I had to review it and fill out a survey they emailed me. Also got a Michael Kors wallet from there website I have a £50 voucher to spend and couldn’t really see anything else I liked and didn’t want it to go to waste. Lumity tablets think they are to make your skin and hair feel better. John frieda frizz ease sample that was from a SoPost link in one if my freebie groups and I think I even shared it on my facebook freebie page 🙂 I got a lord & berry highlighter in my march Birchbox which is great I love using it 🙂


Got some Hobbs London socks too had a £20 voucher and needed some new socks got to love cute little socks 🙂 Got a where’s Wally book and where’s the unicorn book to review will be doing that this week as needs to be done my kids love these books but will say more in my review. Debenhams beauty club card also came this month don’t have one close to me but will come in handy when I go into the next town as I can just collect my freebies then. Tena pads also came with the beauty card but that wasn’t from debs lol, I don’t use them so I give them to my local food bank as don’t really like the thought of ladies going without sanitary products that’s not nice so I try to get these when I can for that reason.


Viva perfume was from an ad on facebook came up on my newsfeed like little samples like this they are for travel. Benefit pore primer was from Send Me A Sample… if you have alexa or google assistant asked for send me a sample and you can sign up but you have to be quick with these ones they go quick.

Nuxe sent me some samples which was nice of them will try them out soon and get reviewing on them. I got a voucher for £9 off P&G at the start of the month I had a problem with some washing powder so they sent me a voucher to say sorry. Dior samples ordered the wrong colour they are currently being given away in my facebook comp Liz’s Coupons Comps & Freebies  I have pinned the giveaway to the top of the page. Also got some more perfume sample again from an ad on facebook.


Got quite a few magazines this month too I don’t ever remember applying for them but its free and not a bad read. Got some facepaint too from amazon I had a company message me on facebook asking me to review for them haven’t used it yet as I haven’t had time but hopefully will get round to applying to the kids faces this weekend 🙂 Glitch on amazon meant I got some free sleep masks too with ear buds attached to them well I will be giving them to a friend because I don’t think I would not like to hear at night just in case and I’m the type of person that would forget that I’m wearing them and start to freak out that I can’t see lol.


I got new phone from a company they contacted me via here and asked me to review a phone for them, I have to use it for a month then review it. It’s a Huawei Y7 2018 and so far so good 🙂 I love ice cream who doesn’t? so when its free it’s even better. Done quote well with free ice cream this month had quite a few vouchers, got sent a £3.50 voucher for some kinder ice cream so got some kinder sticks and they are lush if you haven’t tried them then you need too!! I then saw a voucher shared on one of the freebie groups it was for £2.50 off ben and Jerry’s low cal ice cream that I don’t think has long come out, in Tesco the ice creams where on offer for £2.50 each so made them free 🙂 then after I got home from a day out I got an email from mumsnet saying that I’d got in to their test for kinder ice cream so I got sent 2 more £3.50 vouchers for kinder ice creams so will be getting more when I go shopping. Also got a primer from a company called Becca was an ad that popped up on my newsfeed on facebook.


Won a competition this month too first one I’ve won in a while it was from Disney JR UK facebook page they do a coffee morning comp every Tuesday at 11am and I love entering these. I used to do it with Matilda before she started school she used to love helping me with the answers but I still do it every now and then and I won a small puppy dog pals bundle which I haven’t got yet but going to put it away for Matilda’s birthday as she likes to watch the program when she is home. I’m on the 7th heaven panel can’t remember how I applied I will see if I can find out and add it to my newsletter this week. I got an email to say I will be getting a pink glitter facemask and its lovely will try to find my photo and upload to my Instagram lol. I emailed Plantur 39 to see if they had any samples they could send me as my hair falls out like mad surprised I still have a full head of hair haha they sent me some shampoo to try and out, used it the first time today but will keep you updated on what its like 🙂 Some sleep spray from Send Me A Sample aswell haven’t tried it yet but I really should have when I was poorly never mind.


Got a dorco razor for 99p off amazon there was a deal going and have a trial prime so didn’t have to pay for delivery either 🙂 I have an account I with JD Williams and have had 2 freebies from their rewards this month one was a neal’s yard face cream 15g haven’t used it yet as still using my whips one. Also got some Cath Kidston lip balms from JD Williams too. Got a free graze box too will add how you can get a free one to my newsletter but I also think that it’s on the last one too.


That’s all for march freebies sorry it’s so long haha didn’t think I had that much last month but all adds up when you put it all in a blog.

Don’t forget to check out all tabs and get some wonderful freebies 🙂

Much Love Lizxx

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