Really sorry 😔

Hey. Just a quick update. I’m so sorry I haven’t done much this Week. I’m really poorly currently sitting in the doctors waiting to be seen.

I have a few things that I will blog about I’m going to recap on freebies, Comps and product testing as have some new followers and think it would be good thing to go back on as I like to try and help everyone out 💜

Will also help with Coupons and where you can get them and how they all work 💕

Add this here and quickly explain it. If you have the O2 priority app you can get a free tucan box. For people that don’t know what that is then it’s a monthly craft box which is for children if you have a code you can get a box for free but add an extra child for the same price which is free so got one for each for the kids. My friend did it for her 3 so worth a shot.

Will try and blog tips tonight 💕💕

Much love Lizxx