Tobbie The Robot


I won Tobbie the robot back in November last year and put it away for Olly’s birthday in December. We have had it a good few months now and I thought I would do a blog on him.

He’s great and the kids love him. He comes completely apart and you have to put it together bit by bit, I did take a picture of this but can’t seem to find it anywhere think it may have been deleted 😦 DaddyOverload put it together one night, I was so excited lol.

He does walk and make a lot of noise but he’s fun and very yellow. He has 2 modes, follow me mode where he can follow you around and the explore mode where he will stroll around on his own and use his sense to avoid bumping into things. The kids like to set up little maze’s and they watch him go around them.


He is a proper character and if you leave him turned on and ignore him, he gets grumpy and kind of stomps and makes noise till you pay him attention and give him something to do a bit like a child haha. You will need 4 AAA batteries for him to work. it recommend that it’s for age 8 upwards Olly 7 and is really careful and one of us is always with him and he can be a little heavy-handed lol. Reminds me a bit of Lenny from of mice and men haha….

If your thinking about getting a little robot I would recommend you get Tobbie πŸ™‚

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading

Much Love Lizxx