My Mid-Week Blog

Hello…. You beautiful people 🙂

Just seeing how everyone’s week is going so far?…. Wednesday mid week, my week is going ok at the moment. Had a little anxiety break down today quite bad that I had to ring my mum as nothing else was calming me down.

I’ve been reading a lot this week about mental health. It’s the silent illness and killer that no-one really likes to talk about. It’s ok not to be ok and ask for help. I’ve had anxiety since I can remember never knew when I was younger what the feeling was, my heart racing so much feels like it wants to pop out my chest, sweaty hands, feeling sick and dizziness. Wasn’t till I had Matilda that I went a saw a doctor as it got really bad to the point where I hated taking Olly to pre school and I was 5 mins round the corner. Now I know what it is I can control it. Today though I couldn’t and I could see I was freaking Matilda out a little so I had to speak to mum, all that got me is that there’s and illness going round school and freaked. So please remember its ok to not to feel yourself and not want to do stuff but please seek help if you need it.


The circus is in town this week only Wednesday – Sunday and we are going on Saturday afternoon. We went a few years ago but was a different one and the kids love it, so DaddyOverload thought we would go again. Quite looking forward to it now only down the road from us. Olly & Matilda are excited and counting down the days till we go.

Will be blogging on Sunday about the circus just in case this one comes near you. Its called Uncle Sam’s American Circus and I really hoping its great.

Freebies haven’t been to bad this week, got a voucher for some free kinder ice creams so will pick some up when I go shopping, got a frizz ease sample, I love these samples I hate my frizz ball hair or crazy hair as my children like to call it lol.

Got an email last week was a lovely email, from a company that had come across my website *yay* and emailed me asking if I would review and product for them as I read on I found out the it was a new mobile phone. I snapped at the chance as my phone was slowly breaking and wasn’t in very good condition. I got the phone on Monday its the Huawei Y7 2018 in blue its really nice. I have to use it for a month and then review on here, so far so good 🙂 don’t worry will upload pictures of it in the blog :p

Also won a competition with Disney JR first one this year yay lol but that will all be in my weekend blog and this weeks freebies 🙂

Don’t forget to enter my competition on here and on Facebook, and please remember rots ok not to be ok and ask for help. if you don’t know anyone to talk to message me on here and ill talk to you 🙂

Thanks for reading much love Lizxx

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