Friends Fest 2019



Arrrgggghhhhhh!!!! I’m so excited. Me and DaddyOverload are off to friends fest this year. It isn’t still September but I’m still so excited.

I’ve been with DaddyOverload for nearly 12 years and before I got with him, id heard of Friends but never seen and episode’s he had most of them on DVD expect season 9 so I was kind enough to get it for him our first Christmas together.

We have always seen this over the past few years and always said we should get tickets and go but never did. So when he saw that its going to be at our home town we thought why not lets go its not far and plus we get to see my mum and the kids can send the day with nanny…. Yes they are not coming with us, don’t think they would get the excitement lol….

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I cant wait to go and see what’s their and its been so long since we did anything together like this. Must be way before he had Oliver and its something we both like which is even better. He said its part of my birthday present as its a big one for me this year hahaha ok babe if you say so, ill remember that when you its your birthday 😛

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Hope you all have a fab weekend….
Much Love Lizxx

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