This Weeks Freebies & Bargains….

Hello ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy Sunday!! Such a busy week all round this week and I’m still so tired…. Anyway….. hope you all have had a great week ๐Ÿ™‚ haven’t had much post this week and ordered quite a few things that should hopefully come this week. So will do a blog next Sunday. Have been thinking maybe a weekly freebie blog and then ill round it up at the end of the month like I always do just in case I miss anything…. as always so forgetful lol….


Got these little Lancรดme Samples I love getting little samples I always keep them in a little box and wait till it fills up and either us them or give them away lol. More than likely got from a Facebook ad. Do like the ads but sometimes I’ve noticed some people get them and some don’t only so many samples I guess that companies have to giveaway.


Nuxe samples I emailed the company and asked for some samples so I could try them out. Haven’t tried these out yet as haven’t had the time but cant wait to try them. Have mentioned before that you can email companies and ask for samples not all companies do samples many food companies as by the time you get it, it might not be very nice.


I got a small Dior foundation sample quite good makes me go a little orange though I either order the wrong shade or they sent me the wrong shade but doesn’t matter still nice for them to send it to me. Was a link on one of the freebie groups I’m a member of. Chocolate chip bar I have no idea where this came from don’t even remember ordering it haven’t tried it yet so not sure what’s its like. Perfume is from an ad on Facebook smells really nice but like I said before I like to collect the little perfumes for some reason lol. ยฃ9 p&g voucher was from the company after a complaint I made about my washing powder I got. Never thought I would get a voucher so I could replace the powder I already had that wasn’t very good.


I’m with a review club with Dr.Botanicals so few times a year they send me a code in an email and I get 100% off an item and this is the item I have got to review they will soon send me an email with a link so better get trying this one out. Never used facial oil before so this will be great to try out. They also send you a few other codes sometimes to get either half price or a little money off. If I know that I wont use it I don’t bother getting it. There is always a little postage charge that you will need to pay too.


Jaffa cakes I got free when I went shopping from the vouchers I got last month from mcvities. Emailed them saying how much my daughter was happy that they had brought the strawberry ones out as she cant eat orange and now she can enjoy a good Jaffa cake. Sometimes always good if you email companies saying how much you love their products I never thought I would get vouchers as thank you ๐Ÿ™‚


This wasn’t free but I thought id share with you as I’ve never seen a daffodil with 3 flowers in one stem before and I thought that it was pretty and weird but wonderful I hope you like it lol.

That’s all this week have a few things lined up to come so hopefully they will soon.

Much Love Liz xx