International Womens Day


Happy Women’s Day 2019!!

I’ve seen loads of post today about who your female hero is and why they mean so much to you. Mine is my MUM she has to be the most amazing woman I know, she is an inspiration and so very very strong and I hope one day I can be as strong as she is. If your reading this Mum I love you very much. Your one in a million and I’m glad you are my mum and nanny to my beautiful children ❀ ❀

Matilda is off poorly today and I have been tiring to explain to her why international women’s day is good. Have said all about our rights as women and what people have and still go through today. We as women has to rights to be treated the same as men, I’ve never got why we don’t what’s so amazing about men that’s better than women? I think we are all human and all have the same rights. After I have explained all this to a 4year old while she is poorly I think she got most of it lol she then turns around and said mummy do you know what?… what tild?…. I love myself, I love myself very much and im happy to be me…. so if she got that from all that I was saying then I must be doing something right. Have told her that loving herself is the most important thing you could love ( her reply was what more than you and daddy) don’t think she would love anyone more than she loves her daddy.

th04E614LEI’m proud to be a women and I hope you all are too. Apart from the monthly issue we all have I think its great but then there is some people out their that don’t think that as women we should have the rights but we do we are all human men and women have the rights to be treated the same, paid the same and all seen as humans not things.

So happy women’s day and be PROUD of being you and love yourself more than ever….. maybe take the advice from a 4-year-old girl lol.

Much Love Lizxx