Olay Whip Active Moisturiser

Hello πŸ™‚

received my savvy circle campaign last week and I’m so excited about this one. I got this through savvy circle. You get a full size product, 10 samples and question sheets for you to hand out to family and friends with the samples. You also get a voucher for Β£1.50 a 50ML tub at superdrug.


I have used this everyday so far since I have got it, I just changed my normal moisturiser for this one. So far so good, and smells lovely. Have to test this for 4 weeks and post to social media about how well it’s doing. You have to post a selfie of yourself aka a shine free selfie, which I have done but just got to pluck up the courage to post it no make up and filter free….. my worst nightmare haha but ill do it for the campaign as im a team player and love trying new things out and helping company’s get the best feedback they can get.

Over 2 days you have to take a selfie with Whip and make up and see how well your make up stays on so I’m going to do that one on Tuesday as I’m helping out a friend at their cafΓ© and its pancake day!! Then Wednesday I will use my normal moisturiser and make up and do the same so you can see which one is better.

If you haven’t signed up to Savvy Circle which is part of super savvy me get signing up these are great.

If you any of my readers are doing this campaign, I hope you enjoy doing this campaign and drop me a comment. Love to know who is also doing this

Much Love Lizxx

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