Half -Term’s Nearly Over!!..

Hello… Half term is nearly over!! yaaay!! I can’t wait till Tuesday, they go back and don’t see each other for 6 hours a day 5 days a week… think they are sick of the sight of each other now. The fighting over the past few days has been a nightmare but I’ve managed without losing my mind lol.

How’s everyone’s half term been?… hope your kiddies have been good and you have had fun. Don’t get me wrong we have had fun playing random games. Making things and doing random stuff. We did some making today we made soap which I think might have gone totally wrong. It was a little package we got in Matilda’s weekend box but ive never in my life made soap and just doesn’t look right, we are waiting for it to set so I will probably upload the horrible results to my Instagram tomorrow (@mummy_overload) if you would like to see the lovely soap haha then follow me. We also made a clown mask and a ring hope game that Olly got with this mister maker box was kind of fun to make Matilda just wanted to glue everything, She then took what we didn’t use and make some weird cardboard dragon quite cute how did made it. Kept coming back and asking for Sellotape, then kept saying his eye balls have fallen off haha, kids have an amazing imagination.

We are I think going to attempted to make jam tomorrow also came in her weekend box but again I’ve never made jam in my life I don’t even think I have a jar to put it the jam in have to do some glass jar hunting in the morning as she wont let me forget it. Then we have some peppa pig cupcake mix that they also want to do, and their friend is meant to be coming over to do match attax card swaps so I have to ram a whole weeks worth of stuff in one day lol.

Would love to hear about what everyone has been up to… did you go out any where nice?.. go on holiday for the week or just the weekend?.. We didn’t end up in hospital this time (long story maybe for another day) Olly has promised me no trips there this year hopefully he keeps to that lol.

Anyway I’m off have a massive day tomorrow. Will update you all tomorrow with some pictures so you can see the lovely soap, jam and cupcakes….

Hope you have all had a banging weekend and half term.

Much Love Lizxx 🙂

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