How To Look For Free Items….

I have had some people asking me over the past few days on how I get stuff for free. I sign up to most product testing sites, follow a lot of different pages on Facebook, in a few groups on facebook, enter comps on Instagram, facebook, twitter, magazines and online. Only do that when I have free time, so when the kids and daddyoverload are at school/work or when the kids go to bed.

You can follow my Facebook page Liz’s Coupons Comps & Freebies… but there is so many online my favourite one has to be Latest Free Stuff UK. Page is awesome they also have a group which is really good to. Go to their page and group link is on their. Many different companies online do competitions too. social media is great for comps I comp on their quite a lot. It’s good to join a competition groups on facebook that can help you get started. I have a group on facebook too where I share a lot of comps if you follow my page the link to the group is on there. When comping on facebook and posts ask you to share its best to share either to your facebook profile and have settings on public do that the company can see you have shared their post. You can also post to many public groups that are just for competitions. The comps circle is massive on social media bigger than you probably think.

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This is my page logo so you know what to look for.

If you google free stuff uk then there is many pages that help you find freebies. Latest Free Stuff UK have their own online page, magic freebies, free stuff UK and many more. Sometimes freebies can take 4-6 weeks to come so don’t get to sad if they don’t come in the first couple of weeks. Just think how many people are out there applying for the same free sample and companies only have so many to give out. Its kind of like competitions if you get one great if not then keep trying. I see people who get some amazing freebies that I missed out on yeah it can be a shame that I missed out on that but its great they managed to get it. There is one lady on a freebie group that always comments well done on every post she can. Even if she didn’t manage to get that freebie, kind of makes you feel happy that people are happy for others getting them.

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Product testing is also a great way to get great freebies. But you do have to use the item and review then, I haven’t been doing product testing very long but I find it just as hard to get a campaign then I go winning a comp and getting a freebie. Just keep going if you get stuck I’m always here if you need help either on my page, my twitter, Instagram and on here. Just use the contact for or leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Please remember I am a mummy too so if I don’t get back to you straight away I will as soon as I can.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps you a little bit. Please follow my blog so you don’t miss a post. Just need your email address that’s all.

Much Love


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