Savvy Circle Olay Campaign

Hello 🙂

If you follow my facebook page (Liz’s Coupons Comps & Freebies) then you might have seen me post about the savvy circle campaign that was up and that you could apply for. It was the #OlayWhipsAmbassador one!! People started getting their emails today to see if they got into the campaign or not!! Well I’m  happy to say I got it. Which is great. ive been with them for quite a while and this is my 2nd one I’ve managed to get it. Think my first one was back when I was pregnant with Matilda which is 5 years ago *Shocked face* I did a bold 2in1 gel I think it was.


Also if you follow my Instagram @mummy_overload and my facebook page then you would have seen that I got in earlier but I thought id blog about in just in case you missed it or you don’t follow my pages I also have a twitter account @mummyoverload but can’t remember if I posted on there sometimes I forget that I have so many social platforms and my blog.

Would love to know who got in and see if your excited about it. Please give me a follow on here all you need is your email address, so you don’t miss an update.

If you want to join savvy circle you can go in to the app & sites tab and join supersavvyme and you can sign up through that site.

Thanks for reading

Much Love Lizxx