How’s everyone half-term going?.. Ours isn’t too bad. Tuesday thought I was going to have a nerves break down haha had to go and have a shower as that’s the only place I could think of going and the kids wouldn’t bother me and it worked a whole ten minutes of not hearing…. mummy mummy mummy Olly’s doing this or Matilda’s doing this…. thought they where going to kill each other but they didn’t…

Haven’t really done much or gone anywhere to be fair that time of the month were its half term and you wish payday would hurry up. A lot of their friends go to child minder in the holidays so its hard for us to meet up but glad it’s going quick as I think they are starting to get on each others nerves.

Don’t know if anyone read my post about a few things to do in half term?.. Well I applied for the minster make mini maker thing and it came today was hoping the weekend box came too but it didn’t so Olly is waiting till that one comes then he and Matilda can make together which is think is nice.


You get to make a clown mask and ring toss game which is fab I love clowns….. but the kids will have fun making. Just have to wait for the other one now,Β  hopefully will be here tomorrow so they can make and not kill each other πŸ™‚

Do have friends coming round on Monday though thank god haha as they don’t go back to school till Tuesday and Olly is off to the national history museum with his school which is great he can’t wait…

That’s all for now as we haven’t had a cracking half term but hasn’t been boring.

Much Love Lizxx πŸ™‚ ❀