My Birchbox February Review..



Finally have a Birchbox… Always wanted one but never got round to doing it. I’ve had a few good glossy boxes and reviewed some of them so thought id do this one.

This is February 2019 box that if you entered the code LATTE you got the eye shadow palette free. I could have got my first box for only ยฃ5 or the eyeshadow so I went for the eyeshadow I love eyeshadow Hehe.


Such a pretty box. Smaller than a glossy box but just perfect in size. In this box I got, Anatomicals shower gel which I’m not to sure on the smell does smell nice but unsure what it reminds me of. Coco&Eve Like A Virgin Hair mask all I’m going to say for now is WOW!! Nip&Fab Kale Fix Moisturiser. Loc liquid shimmer shadow. LUXIE Tapered Blending brush. You also get some pretty little postcards with it all.

The box is great nice and small and fits everything in perfect. I love little keep sake boxes good for all your make up or creams etc. The Shower gel is good makes me feel clean lol I love for my skin to be always soft. I would go out my way and get this again I like a change.

The hair mask, ive never used one before and I really don’t know why, COCO&EVE is great for my hair. I have that horrible wavy out of control sometimes feels like hay hair haha and I have to either wash it everyday or every other day. I used this yesterday I went for a shower just so I could hear myself think for 10 minutes. ( I love my kids very much but half-term sucks) and thought I would use this. I think I had seen on their Instagram that you wash your hair towel dry it, put it on and leave for 5-10mins so this is the first thing I did. Washed off before I go out which I’m quite surprised I remembered. Brushed my hair said to DaddyOverload my hair smells great his reply was I know I could smell it went you got out the shower. Which is a good reply for him lol. Didn’t blow dry it as I couldn’t be bothered. I’ve woken up this morning with what I think is perfect hair (for my hair anyway) and im actually happy with it. So 10/10 for this hair mask.

Nip&Fab kale fix moisturiser. only a small 10ml sample but its good. I suffer with dry skin on my hands and this is the first product I used. I used twice a day as my skin can get tight and hurts. I’ve woken up this morning after 2 days use and my hands are soft and not tight and no dry skin so this is really good. Might have to get DaddyOverload to try some to see what he thinks.

LOC liquid shimmer shadow. Not a massive fan of liquid eyeshadow as I get freaked out that I wont be able to shut my eye and if I do I wont be able to blink (weird I am I know) but that’s just me, But I did try this and I love the colour and it dry really quickly so I know I will be able to blink. It stays on all day too ๐Ÿ™‚


Luxie Brush. Haven’t used this yet but cant wait to. Such a soft brush and pretty purple colour. All Luxie brushes are cruelty free which is great. If your stuck for brushes then give these a try.

The Beauty Crop Espresso yourself eyeshadow palette. Now this is so pretty. The colours are amazing and I cant wait to try them. I love to dark natural colours I’m not the kind of girl who is all things bright because then people notice you and no thanks hate that sort of thing. Some of the colours glitter which is great everyone loves a bit of glitter in their life!! if you don’t you should really try it ๐Ÿ™‚


Also good things about these is that there are, no parabens, no mineral oils, no phthalates. Has coffee extract, coconut & shea butter and is also cruelty free & vegan.

So Birchbox you have done me proud with this February 2019 box and I give you 10/10 for all of it. I love it!! So if you haven’t got your February Birchbox hurry up and order one!!

Cant wait till March!!! Thanks BIRCHBOX :):):)