Nerf Guns….

We love them!! As a whole family haha!! We always love a good Nerf fight. Olly always seems to scream like a girl and try to hide behind the stupid items like a tiny chair and stick his bottom in the air. Thanks for that Olly great target… Matilda will just shout NO IM YOUR BEST FRIEND PLEASE BEST FRIEND DONT GET ME…. Usually shouting it at her daddy.

Matilda’s Collection

We have a quite a lot of shoot outs usually started by DaddyOverload, then I try to pretend that im not playing and run and get another gun. Matilda’s purple gun was my go too one but it doesn’t want to work half the time so I go for whatever I can grab haha.

So Many different ones out their to buy and all different ranges too. We have Nerf and X ones not sure if they are from the same make. The Small ones Are X and when you fire a bullet from them ouch that’s all I can say. They all hurt when fired but they seem to want to hurt more.

Olly’s Collection

Really good fun toys to have we as a whole family have great fun with them and I love that we can all laugh sometimes just myself and DaddyOverload play as I like to aim for his face (shouldn’t really do that) but im pretty good a shooting at him like this ears a lot just because I get him in the eye then he covers his face and leaves his big massive ears sticking out (if your reading this babe I love you really lol) so I have nothing else to aim for Hehe.

Matilda can struggle with some though as she isn’t strong enough to pull the thing back to shoot the bullet so I usually make her go on her daddy’s side as im apparently a sore winner (NO I just don’t like losing lol) but Olly isn’t help either as he just screams all the time lol.

So if you have never had a Nerf gun and you have children 6 or over then I would get them. I say 6 just because Matilda is 4 and can struggle with some of them. They are fun and family’s can have loads of fun but don’t always aim for the face as they can cause some harm if fired at a close range.

Enjoy your Nerf fights. We do

Much Love Lizxx