Money Saving With Coupons…

Quick tips on coupons….

Everyone loves to save money. You have to love a bargain but its even better when its free. So many different ways to save a bit of money . Doesn’t mean that you’re a cheap skate if you love to save. Don’t always need a reason to save either could just do it to save a few pounds, if you have something to save for then great.

Where and how would you start saving?.. Coupons!! Coupons/voucher’s are a good start. Can get them online and off-line just need to know where to look. Many sites have coupons or sometimes if you join their online newsletter they send you some by email. I’ve had quite a few coupons over the years. My favourite has to be Tesco, where I usually do my shopping as we don’t have many massive shops in my town. Tesco have the monthly magazines that have the coupons in the front and sometimes they have the through the magazine too. Unsure if any other supermarket do them, I think that Sainsbury’s used to have a magazine but it wasn’t free.


Supersavvyme has coupons on there you need to have a printer though and caring everyday. You can find the links in one of my tabs. Sometimes you can get money off coupons with items you. Also keep up to date with coupons, check the date and make sure you spend them before I date as sometimes companies do check them then you lost out on that saving. Forgetting about a coupon is even worse. I nearly forgot a free £10 argos voucher not long a go if it wasn’t for Daddy Overload reminding me I would have been well annoyed.

Some companies may send coupons out as a thank you for saying how much you like there products don’t all rush and email every company under the sun though lol just a few will do, and remember not every company send them. Half the time they just reply with thank you or don’t reply at all but don’t take it to heart they have loads to do to be fair.


You can also get coupons on your cash back apps. Like shopmium I see quite a lot of people getting freebies on there. You can download this app in your app store if you use code KFHKHYMH you can get a free jar of Nutella.

Don’t forget you have all your cash back apps to have you save money too 🙂 any tips on how you save money?… add a comment below and share your tip.

Happy Saving