I’m So Excited….

Hello 🙂 Happy Monday everyone…. First day of half term for us here and its been a pretty good day for me. Children have been extra good today and helped me around the house which was very nice. Did have one hiccup today though, Matilda thought she would help me Hoover but ended up knocking a whole cup of tea on the floor lol.

Anyway I’m writing this blog post because I’m so excited for a product I got an email about today and I cant wait to get this and review it…. Remember in one of my tabs I wrote about product testing. I’ve been signed up to the Phillips one for a while and I try to apply for what ever comes up. Please do note you don’t get an email about when they post test its kind of check when you can and if they pop up apply as quick as you can as they don’t stay up long. The last couple of times they have been putting them up on Fridays between 2pm – 4.30pm which I’m usually on the school run but sometimes get back just in time.

So I applied for 2 test a few weeks ago a mans shaver (applied for DaddyOverload) but didn’t get in and then I applied for a Lumea advance which I got accepted to today. I was so happy that I got in as it’s quite hard to get in and its my first one with Philips.


I cant wait to get this and try it out. I’ve seen a lot of people getting these over the last couple of weeks and also wanted one. I’m unsure what comes with it but will update you all when I get it. Once I get it you have to review it then leave a review but you get to keep it after which is great. I googled to see the price and they sell retail price between £200 – £350 I was like what they mega pricey but it must be good. Plus I hate shaving, I don’t wax as I’ve tried that before and bloody hell it hurts and I’m a massive wimp (even though I’ve had children haha)


2019-02-18 (1)

Is really worth signing up to product test things. You can sign up by going to the tab Apps & Sites to help you. remember to keep checking and is lucky if you find a test.

Thanks for reading and good luck in applying for tests.