Happy Saturday…


Finally the weekend…..after what felt like such a long week so glad its half term. My legs get a rest from walking lol.

How’s everyone’s Saturday going? We have decided to have a chilled weekend and not do much. We have been out to get the boy’s hair cut as they really need it I could nearly put Olly’s hair up in a little pineapple haha he would have look funny.

We have always said that we would do a full shop in Aldi but it never happens…. we always find a few little things that bit cheaper in Tesco than in Aldi. Plus we got our Tesco vouchers through the post just as we were leaving to go. Saved a whole £9.50 in our little Tesco shop today. Has anyone done the shop swap and actually found that it saves them money??… Don’t get me wrong I love Aldi especially their Kevin the carrot range (oh my partner is Kevin sooooo you can guess why I love it and I like to take the p**s just a little bit) I have changed quite a few bits from my shop from Tesco to Aldi which I find saves more money and I love saving money….

I went into Waitrose today which I very rarely go into just to how much their ice cream was. As I got some money off vouchers from an ice cream company called Oppo might have to double-check their name but I can’t be bothered to move off the sofa to find out.

If you follow me on Instagram @mummy_overload (plus you have an extra chance at winning my comp on their as its running on there to might have to scroll down a bit ) you will see Olly’s fresh-cut and the more he grows up the more he starts to look like his daddy…. You will also see me with a small face mask on haha that was from last night. Long story short I was in the bathroom minding my own do the face mas even though it isn’t full face one lol, Matilda came strolling in half asleep and I scared her. She screamed at me then hit me then cried at me…. didn’t realise I was so scary


Anyway im off now. Kev just made tea and the chase is on which I love to answer the questions and think im smart ha-ha. Happy Weekend


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