Few Ideas For Feb Halfterm…..

We have half term coming up and there isn’t much to do around my little town and haven’t got the pennies to pop on the train and see me mum. So I thought that I would have a look on the internet for some ideas and cheap or maybe free things that we could get in to keep the kiddies from killing each other or the parents from rocking back a forth crying in the corner lol.


There is a few craft boxes you can get online find them pretty fun and my kids actually sit and do this together (sometimes ha) The Weekend Box is one I’ve had you have 2 different boxes to choose from. One box is for 3-8 and the other box is 7-12. Get you first box free by using this code LIZANNE133428 at the checkout sign up here https://www.weekendboxclub.com/join

Toucan Box also a craft box had this one too kids enjoy this just as much as the weekend box this is aimed at children 3-8 year but I don’t think it really matters as long as the kids have fun don’t see why an older kid can’t use it. Anyway you can get your first box free by using this link to sign up 🙂 https://www.toucanbox.com/friends/liz-bjk4

Mister Maker Mini Maker box is owned by Toucan box but its different. I can’t see an age for these so im guessing it’s aimed at all ages as they ask for your childs date of birth. You can get a box for just £1 by using this code when you sign up LIZ-ELLT 🙂 https://www.mistermakerclub.com/

Cineworld have the juniors club in half term which can be good if your stuck for ideas.For just £2 for 2D films or £3.50 for 3D films, choose from our selection of lively Movies For Juniors! Catch these fantastic half term family films: Trolls, Storks, Ballerina and The Jungle Book!

Oden also do half-term movies for kids they have 5 movies on this half term Early Man, Coco, Maze Runner, Tad the lost explorer and black panther. Find out more info and to book click here https://www.odeon.co.uk/half-term/

Checking your local library and leisure centre to see if they have any free or cheap fun activities to do with the kids. Maybe pop down to a local art gallery if you have one near you sometimes they are free or a little museum too.

Just a little helping this half term as I don’t really want parents loosing their mind with bored kiddies.

Good Luck this half term just in case your thinking I’m going to need it. Lets hope all us parents survive this half term.