All Outta Luck…

My Fairy has gone on holiday she left in November and hasn’t come back.  I cant seem to get it back. Apply for so many different comps, freebie and product testing a get nothing. Just feel like giving up, I wont though. Just say that sometimes. I open my draw where I keep all the stuff I get for free and there is just webs lol so empty Just want my fairy back.

Don’t get me wrong I’ve got the odd freebie here and their like the magazines, and perfume samples they are the easiest to get to be fair. I was very lucky to get the glossyboxes but haven’t got anything that gets me all excited if you get a drift.


Think just having one of them months haha been really poorly this week and that don’t help at all. Maybe ill just stop trying and then maybe might get some luck.

How’s everyone else’s freebie and money-saving going?.. Am I the middle of trying to write a blog about coupons but my mind doesn’t want to play this week been trying to think what to write but just all blank haha.

Half term next week for us here too!!… see no luck there either Joking!! love my munchkins to bits….

Good luck everyone hope your fairy’s are nice and good for you.