I Stalk My Postman….


Probably thinking really?… yes really if I’m waiting for something I get really annoyed when it doesn’t come and I start waiting and watching for the post man lol. Its ok doing this when the other half is on earlys and the kids are at school. If he’s on lates or its the weekend, half term etc then I frowned upon in my partners eyes because apparently I’m a saddo and I need to get a life. Now if he understood and got the excitement of getting something in the post that was free he would understand. Most of the time I feel like screaming at him “THIS IS MY LIFE MOST OF THE TIME” but I still don’t think it would matter so I try to hide it when he’s home but I don’t think it works. The kids now get excite when the postman comes and race to see who can get the post first. If it’s not Matilda we all know that Olly got there first lol.

Now if you’re a freebie hunter like me, then you should know what I mean. waiting for something to come is like being a kid and waiting for Christmas. I get more excited the better the item. If its something small then I don’t bother to stalk to the post man. If it’s a parcel and I know its coming as you get “the email” that’s it’s on its way so then you pace around thinking come on where is my package the later its gets the more your feet hurt.


I didn’t get to stalk the postman today even though I got no post which I will get to soon and the whole reason I’ve done this post. They came early today and the other half was still sleeping (he’s on lates this week). I’m waiting for a free razor that Wilkinson sword posted a few weeks ago they are looking for testers and after about half an hour of the site crashing I finally managed to get one. If your on the same Facebook freebies groups as me then you would have seen the post anyway everyone’s has been arriving since Saturday yes I know its only Tuesday but still I’m waiting and I hate waiting lol. I swear my postman hides my mail days on end or just thinks great its her address again all these packages I’ll just make her wait well if they do think that I know longer like you haha.

Their has to be someone out there that does this and this I’m so weird I do this. Well you are not alone join me in stalking the postman. I’m not all freaky and weird about it for anyone thinking OMG she well weird. Yes I am but in a wonderful kind of way ha-ha.

Thanks for reading if you do this drop me a comment would love to see I’m not that only one that does this 😉


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