Beauty Boxes.. My Top 4

All sorts of different beauty boxes out there. I’ve only ever had one, that was from glossybox. I’m wanting to try them out so thinking if I can do 1/2 a month and see how I go as most of them you can just get once I’ve had 4 from glossy but only used 3 ( other one I’m kindly giving away) and I think the ones ive got so far are pretty good.

48403901_1190080404474408_3362186994439421952_nMy first glossybox

I’ve been looking around and found quite a few. Think some a reasonably price and get monthly, others ive seen are pretty pricey and you get every 3 months but you need to pay £25 a month this box I will not be trying unless I win a massive load of money lol. I get some can be pricey due to what you get. This one I think you get high-end full size items. NOT saying you don’t get good stuff in the other boxes cos you do. I got some fab lip gloss worth £18 in one box that was £5 (boxing day sale) So I guess each to their own but im a cheap skate and like to try to get things on offer or free 😉 haha

Glossy Box – This company ive tired loads most of them free which is my favourite but there boxes are great. Plans can start from just £8.50 a month if you chose a 12 month plan (p&p to be added) you can get them one of when ever you like for £10. Get 20% off your first box here :- https://bit.ly/2W1TcnW

Birchbox – This is my next box I will hopefully be ordering this week eeeeekkkkkk (im excited haha) There are 3 different plans monthly for £10 a month plus £2.95 p&p, 6months for £60 plus p&p but you get free p&p on your frist box or you can do yearly for £110 but you get your first box free. Fancy trying it out?.. get £5 off your first box and a free gift worth £23 if you use code LATTE (feb 2019 only)at checkout,  with this link https://www.birchbox.co.uk/invite/mummyoverload

LookFantastic – not tired this one yet but its on my list to try. Little bit more than the other too. They start at £15 per month with free p&p but you can roll them 1 month, 3, months, 6 months etc the more months you subscribe to the cheaper it is. https://bit.ly/2GlRBod

Pink Parcel – ive had this one quite a bit a I think its pretty good. It’s a mix of beauty and period. they send you your monthly products can choose from pads or tampax plus your beauty products to make you feel great when your on. Plus you can get them delivered each month when your due. I love these. you can get boxes from £12.99 or you can get it for £9.99 but I will need your email address so just leave a comment saying Pink Parcel and I will email you the link if not join here: https://subscribe.pink-parcel.com/uk/


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