A little bit about Me…

Hello 🙂

Thought I would introduce myself a little bit, I know there’s the me myself and the rest  but thought id say a bit more about my self

I’m Lizanne (Liz for short) not to keen on being called Lizanne only my mum calls me that and the other half when he likes to annoy me which is most of the time. Im hitting the big 30 this year and awaiting my midlife crisis lol. Mum of 2 horrors but I love them more than ever. Oliver-James who is 7 going 17 can be a devil child most of the time but he has the biggest heart ever and would help anyone out, doesn’t have a nasty bone in his body. Matilda she is 4 going on 30 the mother hen of the family. She started school in September and it got worse lol. If her daddy’s doesn’t feel to good then she wont do anything she will just want to lay with him and look after him. She is also the cute little kids you see walking down the street and think better wouldn’t melt but oh yeah it does she has some awful bite on her when she gets going, but I love them both so much and wouldn’t change their weird and wonderful ways.

44789920_1147213142094468_5036648770096332800_nMy handsome olly


52117914_1220847334731048_3678487683404922880_nMy beautiful tilda 

Then there is the other half. We have been together since I was 18, 12 years together. He is my best friend. He makes me laugh everyday without a doubt. I don’t think I would be me without him, we have been through a lot together some things that would break people but its only just made us stronger. I call him my husband half the time even though we are not married we might as well be. Don’t think we would ever get married just not use to be honest.


This is the only most recent one of us together I can find lol need more pictures

Then there is me. I’m just me. Have that resting bitch face as my other half and a few friends have said but I am nice once you get to know me. Very forgetful though I once nearly forgot to pick Olly up from school. Matilda was only about 9months old at the time so I kinda used baby brain but I have no excuse now lol. Im a stay at home parent, if kev is at work and kids are at school I do my house work and look on the internet to find bargains and freebies for you lovely people.

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Thanks for reading