My Son & Match Attax

Olly has become mad about these football trading cards. His best friend has been collecting them for a while and his mum (my very good friend) brought him a packet one day and that’s its. All about match attax, would rather have a packet of match attax then a chocolate bar or bag of sweets which I’m not complaining about lol.


His collection has built up pretty quick daddy’s brought him some and so has mummy. But we have a deal has to be very good at home and a school if he wants them and to be honest that deal has been working so far.

So today on our walk to school which can take us 20/25 minutes all depends how slow my little sloth Matilda wants to walk. He was trying to get me to say yes to doing a YouTube video about this cards. As if there isn’t enough on youtube. He was telling me what I could do that I could video him on the tablet, teach him all the names of the players (can barely say them myself lol) Matilda could be in the video if she liked (which I heard ew nope! don’t like football) so he was happy about that. He could go through his folder and show all the people around the world his cards. SO what do you think then mummy?…. Yes very nice Olly!! So is that a yes? I ignored him to which he then went on to tell me…….


That he would be good at doing this video and that he knows what he is doing as he has done it before, to which he then started getting excited and jumping up and down, with his scooter I might add. As I could email Perri and see if he wants to come to our house and make another video with him. God kid you don’t want much.

We are nearly at school now and Matilda has now said oh Olly your boring me now, let’s do door numbers mummy. I have one child counting doors in one ear and football in the other. Jeez kids!!! they are never this chatting on a school run.

In the end if gave up and went to play with his friends in the school play ground. To which I was happy about no more football talk. Drop Matilda off at her class room and walk around to his class he runs off then comes back gives me the biggest wet kiss ever and said oh yeah ill just bug daddy later when I get home, he will say yes to me.

HAHAHAHA good luck daddy!!!!