Never Let Anyone Make You Feel Worthless

Today hasn’t been a very good day for me. One of them days where you wish you didn’t even get up!! my point of this blog is never let anyone make you feel worthless or guilty of the way you want to live your life. Never let anyone make you feel small, bad, ugly or anything. Everyone has the right to live their own life they way they see fit.

I had someone make me feel so bad about myself and a failure as a mother, women and a human being. If it wasn’t for my husband, mum, children and a very close friend I wouldn’t have got through today on my own. This person was horrible to me told me how they thought it was right for me to live my life. They had never met me before today and had only spoken to me for about 5 minutes before they started being mean. I don’t care what they thought about me and I didn’t ask them to give their opinion on my life or anything.

I hate that people think that’s its ok to put people down and it’s not. If your reading this and think yeah this is me, this is how people make me feel then always remember that your perfect as you are and beautiful in every way. Who cares if you’re a size 8 or a size 20, if you love to eat chocolate or you love to eat fruit. Who cares if you don’t have money to show off or that you do have money to show off. Who cares if you work or if you don’t. I don’t give a poo if you are any of these. Its your life live it how you want and remember that there is people out there that love every part of you even your faults that you think you have.


For the people who love to run people down, I feel sorry for you that you have to do this and that it makes you feel good about yourself. Think just for one minutes how little you have just made that person feel and how what you have said or done has made that person day even worse than it was when they woke up.

Love you for you and live your life the way you want it. Always remember that someone out that cares for you. That little face of your child that you see every morning they care for you and don’t care how you are they love you for the person you are. So go out there in the world tomorrow with your head up high and love yourself.

Love you all loads your beautiful and handsome just the way you are.