January Freebies…

With January nearly over (thank god) thought id do a little blog on my freebies this month. It isn’t much as January can be a quite month sometimes plus I’ve been trying to get this up and running.

collage 2019-01-26 22_41_13

This picture is some I’ve gotten this month Perrie & Juice is from the insiders campaign (want to know more have done a blog about this just before this post) Nerf Gun was free from the company due to making a complaint about a faulty Nerf gun id brought before Christmas. Shampoo Samples are from supersavvyme (link in apps & sites tab) they do a few different freebies every now and then some are pretty good sizes too. Pads are from tena website you can just go onto their website a request some samples using their form on their website.

collage 2019-01-26 22_43_34

Got 2 glossyboxes in this picture. One of them I got (with unicorn shower) through simplebe perks. Which is run by simplybe good little site gives you discount codes, some freebies, some freebies when you spend over so much and free birthday chocolate (which will be in the next picture) They other one I got sent to review ( have done the lip gloss and they face mask so far) Merry Kissmuch gift set was from soap and glory. They ran a comp over Christmas to try to win a set, have also done a blog post on this was my first ever blog post. Was quite hard to win this freebie lol. Soap samples are from Authentic Skin Care I emailed them and asked them if they had a free samples they could send me so I could try the out. They smell quite nice cant wait to try them.

collage 2019-01-26 22_46_38

DoDow helps you fall asleep faster was a glitch on amazon and it became free when went to check out. Signed up to amazon prime too so delivery was free. Flash samples was also from supersavvyme. Is really worth a sign up as they also run comps and have printable coupons. The cute little pig and chocolates where from a competition win back in December (received in Jan) company was AIC really cute I have it on my bed side table quite surprised it’s still there and my daughter hasn’t stolen it lol. The chocolates are from simplybe perks I got them free for birthday (my husbands) not nice as they look in my opinion my husband liked them more than I did I’m fussy when it comes to chocolate lol. Shiseido sample was from there facebook page, if you have the app sometimes you get little offers pop up like free perfume etc this was from one of them quite a nice colour its 01 Sonoya. If you see the little ads for freebies from companies then its good to apply for them as they do come but please be careful when applying if you think this is too good to be true then 9/10 times it is some scam companies just do it to get your details and never send the item. so please do be careful when applying for freebies.

So this was all I go in the first month of 2019 so glad that it’s nearly over has to be one of the longest months ever really hate January lol. on a quick note sometimes its easier when applying for freebies and comps to set up a different email address and not use your personal one as you can get a lot of emails from companies. That’s what I have done and have done since I can remember lol.

Thanks for reading hope you have had a lucky freebie month and fingers crossed that you have a good freebie February.