My Review On Perrier & Juice



If you have read my other blog about these then you will know that I got sent these from The Insiders UK which is a testing company that do different campaigns and ask people to try them out and post their opinions online. In the box I got where 8 cans of strawberry and kiwi. 8 cans of pineapple and mango and 8 cans of peach and cherry. They are a sparkling fruit drink so complements all flavours better.

Pineapple & Mango

I really didn’t think I would like this one. I hate pineapple always thought worst fruit ever made but I do love mango drinks. Was the last drink I tried out of all of them and to be fair its my favourite one. Didn’t think they would mix well but they do. They both complement each other taste waste. Nice refreshing drink, reminds me of summer time. I would recommend this drink even if you don’t like pineapple but like mango you will be surprised at its nice flavour.


Strawberry & Kiwi

I love both flavours of these fruits, so really thought these would be very nice together. Is a nice drink don’t get me wrong but for me it’s a little bit sweet. This was my first drink that I tired and thought that it would be my favourite, its my second. My son loves this and would drink all day every day if I was to allow it lol. It reminds me a little of summer but not as much as the P&M one. If you like the 2 flavours as fruit then I would try this one too. The sparkling water really helps with this one as it gives it the edge but still think its a little too sweet for my liking. Again its very refreshing. Would go and buy this drink.

The Husband Rocking The Pineapple Sunglasses

Peach & Cherry

Not my favourite drink. I like peach and I like cherry but mixed together in a drink didn’t go well for me. I thought that the peach was too strong and couldn’t really taste the cherry. My son, husband and myself all tried this one and all said that it was a bit too peachy for us. Tasted better with the sparkling water, wouldn’t have like it all if it was a flat drink. Didn’t remind me of summer unsure what it reminds me off to be fair. Would go out of my way to buy this but would recommend you try this one if you wanted too. Please don’t let my review put you off as everyone has their own taste.

Olly Rocking The Sunglasses

Matilda Didn’t try any of these drinks that’s why she hasn’t been mention in this review. She doesn’t like sparkling or fizzy drinks. But she did love the sunglasses.

Matilda Rocking The Sunglasses Dressed As A Witch

Thanks for reading. Lizxx