Huda Beauty Liquid Matte


Got this lipstick from a glossy box I got. I was shocked to see the price of it when I googled the price and it came up as £18. This shade is Venus. Nice colour never a colour what I would choose myself more a nude simple colour kinda girl.

With its price tag I wouldn’t have gone out my way to buy this myself but getting it in my glossy box thought I was pretty lucky, I gave it a try so many times since I’ve had it so I could write a review. I’ve had some people say ooooh that colour is nice where did you get that I also say that its huda beauty and apparently it suits me which I was pretty pleased about. This one doesn’t hurt your lips unlike the soap and glory sexy mother pucker I tire (want to find out what I mean?.. check out the blog I wrote on it lol).

It’s a nice lipstick, nice colour and nice matte finish. It dries in seconds when its applied. Doesnt smudge or transfer.  I have it on as I write this thought id try it one last time so put it on before I left to take the kids to school and it’s still on now. I’ve been out in this lovely frosty weather and I lick my lips a lot as they dry pretty quick when they are cold, it hasn’t move. I had 2 cups of tea and breakfast and still looks as good as it did when I put it on. This would be good esp on a night out or everyday use. I hate the lipsticks that come off even when you sneeze not worth the money and a waste of time even thinking about putting them on. This is worth its price tag and I would love to try out more colours.

If you reading this and thinking I have been wondering if it worth it price tag, then YES it is. if you sick of lipstick coming off when you sneeze or been looking for that perfect matte finish then this is the lipstick for you.