Perrier & Juice


Got the #PerrierJuiceUK campaign from #TheInsidersUK today. Cant wait to try them. 3 different flavours and 8 cans of each flavour. Also got some cute little pineapple sunglasses to bring back summer, which I would really love don’t copy in the cold weather very well but I guess no one does really. Anyway back to the point of this campaign lol.

There’s 8 cans of Strawberry & Kiwi which I have actually had a can of and can say its quite nice better if it was cold than it was warm lol. 8 cans of Pineapple & Mango and 8 cans of Peach & Cherry.

Quite good considering they are free. You can join insiders UK via the link ive posted in the apps and sites tab.

I love doing stuff like this and giving reviews over facebook, Instagram and twitter. Going to see if I can get the Husband and children to try them too cos that helps me out with writing a review with free items like this.

Will keep you updated once I have tired all the flavours and done my review on the insiders website.

Thanks for reading. Happy Monday