Is Freebies Hunting & Comping Worth It?..

I get people asking me this all the time. My answer is YES!! its worth it. I won quite a lot last year and got quite a few freebies in the year too. it can take up some time so only usally do it loads when the kids are at school or when they are sleeping. My best win in 2018 was the comp I won with smyth toy superstores which was a Rise of the teenage mutant ninja turtles. The win included a trip to London train tickets all paid for, for my son and my husband they stayed in a hotel over night, a trip to Nickeloden studios, YouTube video with Perri from diversity. I’ll add the link to the video at the bottom of this post if you want to view it.


My son got a sewer lair, 2 hog riders, turtle tank, 4 flipping turtles and 4 small turtles. came in the turtle bag hanging up. Other figures in the picture he already got. Nickeloden also gave him a bag of goodies for his little sister which included playdoh, paw patrol items and spongebob items.

There is many website online that you can enter on just google Competition data base 100’s on there. Facebook, twitter and Instagram are also good for comps. Many companies post weekly comps esp on Wedensday’s and Fridays. Usually using #WinItWednesday and #FreebieFriday. I won loads on facebook not so much on twitter and Instagram.

Vamparina Bundle Won From The DisneyJR Facebook Page

Freebies are quite easy to come across I run my own facebook page which myself and my friend who helps me post on there when we can and when we find them. my page is called Liz’s Coupons, Comps & Freebies (will post think to my page and the group at the bottom of this page you are more than welcome to like the page and join the group)

Freebies are good too, you can use them on your travels, in hampers or use them yourself. I like to use them and try them out. I’ve even buyed some full size items that ive got samples off. I have a collection of little perfume samples think I like to collect them. So many different pages and groups on facebook that you can follow one of my faves is Latest Free stuff they are good and have gotten quite a few freebies from them. They work really hard for people too.

22519332_1675118359167297_326128232058088300_nBetty Crocker Items Free From The Insiders UK Campaign 2018

You can get some pretty good freebies from the O2 priority app, can only use if your an o2 customer. At Christmas they where some pretty good freebies chocolate coins, Christmas cards and many more through out the year they also have some good deals and offers too. Download and check it out if your on o2. Glamour beauty club id good for freebies don’t get many from there as it once every few months if your lucky but they are pretty good freebie I got Kat Von D full size make one month. There is a few website that sometimes do freebie Simply be perks give away freebie sometimes. You can get free chocolate on your birthday. I got a free glossy box from them in December las year.

48403901_1190080404474408_3362186994439421952_n Free glossybox from simply be perks

JD Williams also have a perks page sign up and find some good freebies and discount codes.


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