Kärcher Window Vac



I love love love this gadget. I got it for Christmas the husband asked me what I wanted and I said that window vac. So here is my review on this fabulous item. Its the 10 year one so its quite big. it comes with a big blade and a smaller blade. Spray bottle and window washer. Charger and special liquid to clean the windows with.


It lasts 60mintues when working before you need to chager again which can take up to 3 hours depending how flat the battery is. the washer blade sponge is removeable and washable, I wash by hand as I’m a fussy person and didnt want it to shrink in the machine lol.

I havent used the solution that came with it for now I just used fairy liquid and warm water to wash my windows. Never seen them so clean as having young child they love to put their grubby little hands all over them. I can do the whole house in about 10/15 mintues. Its also good for the condensation on windows. I’ve used this for many things so I could get a good idea at how good it was a for my review.

I have a ceramic hob and its so good on that once its been wiped down and doesnt leave any streak mask thats so annoying when it happens. I also tired it one the kitchen sides when i was cleaning lol worked Ok on them but wouldnt do it again. Cleaned al the kitchen tiles with it and they looked better than when I did it by hand so then i had to try the bathroom tiles wow they looked amazing aswell. I used it about 4 times a week maybe more depends what kind of cleaning mood I’m in.

My mother-in-law came round after christmas and my husband showed her how it worked with just one window and few days later she told us that she had gone out a brought it as its that good.

Quite a few places you can buy them I think most retailers have them. I have shared some stores below so you can have a look for yourself.

If you want this on its selling for £49.99 in Argos and Screwfix but prices start from about £35 up wards depening whats size and what bundle you would like.

Thanks for reading.